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AUGUST 1, - AUGUST 31, 2020

BAMBD F e s t

BAMBDFEST 2019 Arts and Culture Festival was produced  by  the Lower Bottom Playaz ; itoffered  28 days of arts and culture programming presented by BAMBD CDC activating Oakland's Black Arts Movement Business District in placekeeping activities.
BAMBDFEST 2020 builds on that success in a commemoration of the 55th anniversary of the Black Power Movement, and uplifts 'Black August' a month rife with American history that should be studied, absorbed, and preserved.  This festival  is a creative space for the articulation of this momentous moment in history , a platform for networking and economic development, with the intention of facilitating civic discourse,  and inviting community involvement in crafting actions that help create better outcomes for communities that suffer currently from histories systems of marginalization.
BAMBDFEST 2020 is 31 days of art, culture,  education, civic discourse,  and networking events offered  as a community celebration  of  our legacy of  resilience,  our massive reservoir of talent, and  our legendary determination for equity and justice for Black People. 
BAMBDFEST 2020 is a virtual festival presented by Black Arts Movement Business District, Community Development Corporation  and produced by Oakland's premiere North American African theater company,  Lower Bottom Playaz, under the artistic direction of Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD. 
This work is partially funded by California Arts Council, The Zellerbach Foundation, Akonadi Foundation, Theater Bay Area, Community Coalition for Equitable Development, and  the National Ensemble of Theaters.


The Festival

The Festival  consist of virtual performances by theater artists, musicians,  poets, youth groups and town legends.  It will feature an eclectic mix of free and paid  virtual  events that include theater, literary events,  gallery installations, vendors, arts & crafts, panels, interviews and content that showcases the best of Oakland's vibrant artistry. The festival  is a massive celebration of Oakland, and the history and importance of the rich contributions of The Black Arts Movement and the Black Power Movement to the State of California and the world beyond.

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