BAMBDFEST:2020 is a multi-day  festival in celebration of the Black Arts Movement Business District presented by BAMBD CDC and produced by Lower Bottom Playaz, Inc. This year's festival commemorates 55th anniversary of The Black Power Movement and the genesis of its twin movement The Black Arts Movement in Black August. BAMBDFEST 2020 is under the artistic direction of Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame inductee, Dr. Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD.

Confirmed participants include: 

 393 Film, Olu 8 Film Realized, Root & Rebound,  B-Legit, Namaste Ready, Hunia's Kitchen, Kim Mc Million, Marvin X, Maddi Dangerously, Khy Whig, Cat Brooks, Epitome West, Black Organizing Project, Community Coalition for Equitable Development, WolfHawkJaguar, Shaka Jamal Redmond, WordSlanger, Nedra T Williams, Wanda Sabir, Last Poets, Amina Baraka, Black Spatial Relics Project, HERE!, Nomadic Press, Roots & Rebound, Conjure Art, Jahlil Nzinga, Wes Hendrix King of Black Media, 13th Street Commons, Uptown Central, Our Voices our Stories, Ariel Julia Brown, David Tally,  Karen Seneferu, Eric Arnold,  Kelli Curry, Lower Bottom Playaz., Kev Choice, Hodari and Antique Davis and many more...

Confirmed events include:

Mama at Twilight: Death by Love by Ayodele Nzinga, SPELL #7 by Ntozake Shange, The Black House by Cat Brooks, Something ain't Right by Kelli Curry, Journey of Names by Will Crossman, Spoken Word event by Epitome West and others, a literary Salon  series hosted by Lisa Gray, Cat's Clips hosted by Cat Brooks, international programming hosted by Khy Wig, at least two anthologies, yoga, mental health programming, cooking healthy, virtual art exihibts,  a short film festival, new work from 393 Film the producers of TENT CITY, a short film festival, the launch of two new blogs dedicated to Black discourse and artful pursuits accepting submissions, and so much more...

This work is partially funded by California Arts Council, The Zellerbach Foundation, Akonadi Foundation, Theater Bay Area, Community Coalition for Equitable Development, and  the National Ensemble of Theaters.

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